DEAR FRANCIS - Feature length documentary

This is what started it all for us. 12 years ago we produced Dear Francis, a documentary about the African nation of Swaziland, which went on to air on Showtime Television and The Movie Channel. This experience was the catalyst that solidified our team and set us off on a journey to serve nonprofits as best we can.

Swaziland, the world’s most HIV-infected nation, faces extinction. Two Texas college students set out to make a difference but discover that the causes of this plague are much more disturbing and complex than they could have ever imagined.

Winner - Best Doc, NY AIDS Film Festival
Winner - Crystal Heart, Heartland Film Festival
Official Selection - Westwood International Film Festival

63 Minutes
Special Features include a Deleted Scene


The tiny African kingdom of Swaziland is the most HIV-infected nation on the planet with nearly 40% of its adult population carrying the virus. Standard education strategies and condom distribution programs have proven insufficient combatants in stemming the relentless spread of the virus. Experts say that within 50 years the Swazi people may become extinct unless profound change is realized. Lance and Kelly, two Texas college students with high ideals, great hopes, and a bit of naiveté embark on a most unconventional AIDS prevention program to Swaziland high schools. As they teach and befriend their students, they quickly discover that the roots of this plague are much more disturbing and complex than they could have ever imagined.

Filled with revealing personal encounters and enlightening expert interviews, Dear Francis confronts audiences with the stark reality of the AIDS pandemic. Through this unique and touching story, the film highlights the hope of making a difference against these seemingly insurmountable odds... one life at a time.