There are three main areas where we focus our work for clients

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First, we come alongside clients and help them make decisions up front that will make for a successful result in the end. This part of the process can be as detailed or as quick as the client wants. We've been at this for 12 years and are confident (see also: "proven") in our ability to help a client find the power of their vision and story. 

We help the client process through things like:
- Who is your audience? Niche?
- How are you getting to your audience? 
- How much does the video need to raise to pay for itself?
- What is the dream goal for the video?
- How will we measure success?
- What is the best style and length of video to reach the audience and goals?
- What stories illustrate the heart of your brand?
- Etc.


Next, we make great videos for our great clients. 

Productions scale up or down based on needs of the client. We take pride in delivering quality videos on tight budgets. By the time we start filming everyone is on the same page and expectations are clear as to where we're headed. (We typically build in a "thanks but no thanks" option if either party wants to exit before production begins... But, it has never been used.) Our production process is refined from 14 years experience, geared not only towards successful filming but also a happy client.

- Pre-Production
- Production
- Post-Production
- Client review (until they're happy)
- Finishing
- Celebration

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This is the icing on the cake. Instead of simply handing the video off to a client, we have the ability to distribute the video directly to their target niche. If a client wishes to go down this route for a video then we can safely guarantee meaningful views from new audience members that fit your target niche.

We can:
- Get your video seen by 100,000+ potential donors.
- Help with landing page to meet marketing goals, with conversion tracking.
- Potential for the video to pay for itself.

How? Online PPC advertising (Pay-Per-Click). Through youtube, facebook, and other media engines we are able to hone in on the exact people you wish could see you video. In the old days of marketing you could have thought of this opportunity as "direct mail." In our modern internet age, video PPC ads are the better direct mail. Online ads are targeted, financially efficient, and trackable. It's an exciting new world.

Working together, we hope the video ends up paying for itself many times over. We want to recoup the budget too because that's the best win/win.